About Us

Stefanie is an accomplished Myotherapist, having gained valuable experience as a remedial therapist for several years. Her commitment to continuous learning and holistic methods, including a thorough understanding of the body's biomechanics that contribute to muscle pain and poor posture.

Stef’s area of interest and specialties are:

- Neck pain, strains and muscle tension

- Shoulder pain and range of motion

- Upper body posture

- Lower back pain and injuries (sciatica)

Stefanie Drane


Remedial Massage

Nurturing Well-being Through Therapeutic Touch

Remedial Massage is a specialized form of manual therapy focusing on personalized assessments and targeted soft tissue techniques. Therapists address muscular tension, alleviate pain, and enhance flexibility through deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy. With a primary goal of pain relief and rehabilitation support, Remedial Massage promotes improved posture, mobility, and overall well-being. Its holistic approach also offers stress reduction, relaxation, and mental rejuvenation, making it a valuable component of comprehensive wellness plans.


Unlocking the Healing Potential of Muscles

Myotherapy is a specialized form of manual therapy aimed at addressing musculoskeletal issues and promoting optimal physical health.

Myotherapists are highly trained professionals who assess and treat various soft tissue conditions, including muscle injuries, joint dysfunctions, and postural imbalances. Combining a range of therapeutic techniques such as massage, stretching, and trigger point therapy, myotherapy aims to relieve pain, enhance flexibility, and improve overall mobility. Whether you suffer from chronic pain or are recovering from an injury, myotherapy offers personalized treatment plans tailored to your specific needs, helping you regain control of your body and achieve long-lasting relief.


What My Clients Say

  • Xanthe Nitschke
    I saw Dr Stef Drane, she was wonderful, very professional knew so much and lovley to chat with as well I've had problems with spraining my muscles and had one session today already feel so much, better would 100 percent recommend her. Will definitely go back again.
    Xanthe Nitschke