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Meet our Geelong Myotherapist

Stefanie is an accomplished Myotherapist, having gained valuable experience as a remedial therapist for several years. Specializing in the treatment of neck and shoulder pain and addressing lower back injuries, Stefanie has quickly become a trusted professional known for her hands-on approach, compassionate care, and expertise in assessing the body's biomechanics. Her commitment to continuous learning and holistic methods, including a thorough understanding of the body's biomechanical intricacies, sets her apart in the field. Stefanie's focus goes beyond merely alleviating physical discomfort; she empowers her clients to achieve optimal health and well-being by addressing underlying biomechanical issues through her skills, empathy, and genuine passion for healing.

Stef was always driven by an innate desire to help others. At first, she studied psychology at Deakin University, moving from Melbourne to Geelong. While pursuing her studies, Stefanie discovered the transformative power of hands-on healing and delved into the world of remedial massage. The dynamic interplay between mind and body was fascinating, prompting her to further her studies into Myotherapy.

In 2023, Stef turned her passion into a small business, establishing herself as a dedicated Myotherapist. Her journey has been marked by the belief that true healing involves understanding both the psychological and physical aspects of well-being. The intersection of these realms led her to create a practice that goes beyond alleviating symptoms, seeking to address the root causes of musculoskeletal issues.

Stefanie finds immense reward in the work she does. The challenges inherent in her profession continually drive her to enhance her skills and knowledge. The satisfaction of witnessing clients leave her practice pain free and feeling more connected to themselves fuels Stefanie's commitment to ongoing research and education in assessing and treating various conditions.

For Stefanie, Myotherapy is a passion. Her background of Psychology with hands-on therapy allows her to offer holistic care, recognizing that mental and physical well-being are intricately intertwined. The feedback from her clients, expressing a sense of restoration within themselves, motivates her to continue what she does.

Stefanie Drane

What My Clients Say

  • Xanthe Nitschke
    I saw Dr Stef Drane, she was wonderful, very professional knew so much and lovley to chat with as well I've had problems with spraining my muscles and had one session today already feel so much, better would 100 percent recommend her. Will definitely go back again.
    Xanthe Nitschke